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Article: Speaking of meltum, messenger bag?


Speaking of meltum, messenger bag?

I'm Tsuzaki.

We often receive inquiries about the differences between the canvas messenger bag and canvas shoulder bag, which are popular series of meltum, so I would like to tell you about the details of each.

First, the canvas messenger bag (mltm-0050) .
It is a type that has been released since the first generation, which is said to be an old model.

Size: Free
Price : ¥4,800-(tax included)

Material is 100% cotton

Depending on the color, you need to be careful, but it is also washable.
We use thick cotton fabric, so you can use it vigorously.

and size.
With a width of 55 cm and a length of 30 cm, this is the size of a messenger bag.
You can easily enter a laptop.

And worth mentioning is the size of the gusset.
As there is 16cm, I can go for an excursion.
It's a big size bag that's been trending lately, so it's sure to be a big success for daily use!

When you don't have a lot of luggage, it conforms to your body.
And then the luggage increased! It is a large capacity of peace of mind even when.

The pocket inside that worries me.
A pocket that can quickly store a smartphone or wallet, and a zipped pocket that can be used to store small items.

After sewing, the product is washed, giving it a slightly used feel.
In addition to NATURAL, KHAKI, and BLACK, the colors are SAND and KHAKI BROWN, which are newly added as meltum original colors.
NATURAL, BLACK for clean clothes.
KHAKI, SAND, KHAKI BROWN and various ways to match with military taste.
It is a rich color variation that is convinced that nearly half of the people who buy two colors come.

Next, a new type of canvas shoulder bag (mltm-0070)

The reason for the release was the increase in female customers, and my own desire to carry a messenger bag that was a little more compact.

canvas shoulder bag
Size: Free
Price : ¥4,800-(tax included)

As mentioned above, the fabric is also 100% cotton.

As it is a firm canvas material, you can use it hard.

The specifications of the inner pocket are the same, and the storage capacity is safe.

Regarding color development, LIGHT BROWN has newly joined.
This warm color is popular among women.

The size is 50 cm wide and 33 cm long, which is almost the same as the old model, but the gusset is 11 cm, so it looks neat.

You can easily enter a laptop.

We sometimes get inquiries about whether this product is a shoulder bag or a messenger bag.

Canvas messenger bag for those who prefer a large messenger

It's compact, but I want a certain amount of capacity! For those who say, canvas shoulder bag

If you still can't decide, please contact us using the inquiry form .

Feel free to help yourself.