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Article: rain nemo makenai bag


rain nemo makenai bag


It's here~ Spring.
It looks like the comfortable temperature will continue for a while, but in exchange for that, we've been through pollen hell.
Everyone, are you okay with your nose?
It seems that catechins work, so let's drink a lot of tea and black tea.

Anyway, let me introduce the NYLON MESSENGER BAG that was released the other day.

Pre-order sales started last week on February 27th (Monday), and regular sales started on March 3rd (Friday).

Color: Black / Khaki gray
Size: Free
¥8,800- (tax included )

It's honestly sold out. The momentum is amazing.
I thought that this would probably go well before the release, but the speed is faster than I imagined.

In the first place, this price with this quality.
At other stores, it wouldn't be strange to add about 15,000 yen, so I tried my best this time.


This material is noteworthy.
100% nylon outer material. You can tell by touching it.
A solid type that does not feel flimsy at all. And it's water repellent.

The size of the gusset that you can see.
that's right. It has a very large capacity.
If you are a minimalist, it is a level that you can go for 3 nights and 4 days.

And the tag attached casually is also cute.

All zips are waterproof zips.
Sudden rain doesn't matter either. Of course, people who sweat are also fine. .

And the D tube and carabiner that are soberly happy are standard equipment.
You can use the attached carabiner as it is, or you can attach the carabiner you are currently using directly to the D tube.

The shoulder belt is a one-touch type.
It is a simple specification to loosen and fasten, but it can be firmly fastened at any position. the best.

And a thick shoulder belt that does not hurt your shoulders even if you have a lot of luggage.

Inside has a zip pocket and two mesh pockets.
The lining is made of 100% polyester and is crisp.

Styling at the end.


model: 175cm

Anyway, it is a messenger bag excellent at convenience.
Isn't it a must-have item for cyclists?
Of course, if you're looking for a large nylon messenger bag for those who don't ride bicycles, I think it's fate.

Next month, we plan to add a new color, khaki gray, in a limited quantity.
Please look forward to the new works in the future.