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Article: spring trainee style


spring trainee style


I'm Tsuzaki.

There are some chilly days, but the spring-like atmosphere has strengthened.

Today we would like to introduce the styling of "TRAINEE", which can be said to be a staple of meltum.

Styling around natural colors.

The hoodie of the top has a loose sizing. Fleece lining makes it long-sleeved
You can wear it.

For the bottoms, we chose 23ss SOLOTEX PARACHUTE PANTS , which is the best-selling item in a new color.

The cap is Canvas cap from meltum general products that was launched the other day. Plain canvas specifications that are easy to match with various styles.

The KNIT TOTE is perfect for removing from your bag. Just the right size when you go out for a while. Rich color development.

The shoes are New Balance M993 / Gray, which goes well with tech bottoms.

model 175cm

Styling based on navy.

COOGI CARDIGAN has been popular since the beginning of 23ss.
The coloring that combines 4 types of black is a Meltum-like color scheme that is a little different from COOGI, which has a strong flashy image.

The bottoms are also popular SOLOTEX PARACHUTE PANTS .
It will be a new color added the other day similar to the first styling.

The shoes are classic Clarks Wallabee black.
Sneakers will keep you from feeling too techy.

A simple style with 3 colors.

A coach jacket is newly released from the WP (waterproof material) series, which is becoming a standard at meltum.
In addition to the sturdy material, the lining is made of mesh for excellent breathability and comfort.
Good compatibility with hoodie

Bottoms continue to be popular from last year M47/CARGO PANTS .
Black has a less military feel than Olive, so it works well with simple styling like this.

Everyone loves drawstring bags.
Drawstring bags, which have a strong image for women, are also becoming popular among men these days.

The shoes are definitely New Balance M993 / Gray.

Styling that combines "TRAINEE" and "MILITARY" that form meltum.

For tops, choose a half-zip sweatshirt and a waterproof coach jacket.
The loose silhouette adds a sense of looseness, giving it a mature impression.

The M47/CARGO PANTS/Olive bottoms are the leading role in military items.
Moderately tapered for a clean silhouette.

The bag is the popular Square Shoulder Bag from meltum general products.
Large-capacity 2WAY TOTE is excellent at usability.

The shoes are black from Clarks Wallabee, which eliminates the unfashionable look and gives it a tight look.

How did you like the above 4 styles?
I would appreciate it if you could refer to it even a little. .

By the way, shirts will finally arrive from April.
We are waiting for the strongest items such as striped shirts and ripstop shirts.

Please look forward to it.

Well then.