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Article: Russell athletic × meltum

Russell athletic × meltum

Russell athletic × meltum


It's finally cold enough to wear outerwear.

Ladies and gentlemen, have you found this year's leading outerwear?

I got a Shakashaka style outerwear and ride my bicycle every day.
(By the way, I'm making Shaka-type items in the 23ss season. Look forward to it.)

With that in mind, this time we would like to introduce the first collaboration item of meltum, which we started pre-ordering the other day.

Meltum started in December of last year, and it will be a special collaboration that will soon reach its first anniversary.
Needless to say, the double name of RUSSELL ATHLETIC and meltum.

Russell Athletic is a top manufacturer of sportswear and activewear that everyone knows in the United States.

The lineup this time is CREWNECK SWEAT and SWEAT PANTS.

Let's start with the CREWNECK SWEAT.

color: GRAY / NAVY / BLACK
size: 2/3/4
price : ¥12,100-(tax included)

I kept it simple.

However, we are particular about the body, and we have adopted the HIGH COTTON series, which is a high-end model among RUSSELL ATHLETIC.

It's a ′′ good fabric guy ′′ that you can understand if you touch it. .
In addition, it has a brushed back that is sure to be a big success in autumn and winter.

The silhouette is also loosely sized, so it can be worn loosely by both men and women.

Detail from here.
Meltum logo is embroidered on the chest with light gray thread instead of white.

It's the first item with a logo.

The RUSSELL ATHLETIC classic tag is embroidered on the left abdomen.
Speaking of RUSSELL, this is it.

The RUSSELL ATHLETIC logo is embroidered on the back under the neck.

This embroidery is usually on the cuffs, but by putting it under the neck, it gives it a sophisticated look.

In addition, this RUSSELL ATHLETIC logo is a completely original color that mixes black and gray that are often used at melutm.





Available in 3 basic colors: GRAY, NAVY, and BLACK.
It is easy to match with items you already have.


color: GRAY / NAVY / BLACK
size: 2/3
price : ¥13,200-(tax included)

The material uses the same HIGH COTTON series as CREWNECK SWEAT.

It has a thick brushed back.

The loose sizing makes it great for town use, and gives the impression of high-quality sweatpants.

It is a detail, but the RUSSELL logo on the right knee.

The meltum logo is applied above the left knee.

I myself have a lot of oversized tops, and the logo is hidden around the waist, so I took the plunge and lowered it.
That's why I felt comfortable with the position of the logo this time.

The ribbed waist and hem are secure.
It will be the cutest when you show off your socks.

Two side pockets on the front and one side pocket on the back.
Stylish yet highly functional.





Same 3 colors as CREWNECK SWEAT .
All wear size 3.
The ribs are strong, so you may want to go up one size.

These 2 items that I introduced on Instagram live the other day.
We are grateful for the small number of production and the number of reservations.

If you are interested, don't hesitate. .