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Article: 23SS TRAINEE



Hello everyone.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

It's getting really hot and the sale season has progressed considerably, and depending on the brand, the next AW items can be seen in stores.

For those of you reading this blog, which one are you most interested in, SALE or AW?

Every day I check brand information while wondering what kind of style I should wear for the next season.

Among them, I would like to recommend the classic and popular genre of meltum to everyone.


Trainees and city boy fashion are still popular in recent years, but it is one of the popular categories in meltum.

In the next season, we will introduce products that are easy to use for town use and have a presence that is typical of meltum.


Color: Blk/Khaki/Orange/Grey

Size: Free

¥8,800 (TAX IN)

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Water-repellent nylon is used, and water-repellent zips are used for waterproof specifications.
The side hidden pocket is an independent floor.
Comes with a convenient carabiner for attaching keys or key holders.
A simple nylon messenger bag with a thick shoulder belt that can be easily adjusted to accommodate heavy loads.


Color: Navy/Grey

Size: 1/2/3

¥7,200 (TAX IN)

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The silhouette has a slightly deep rise and is moderately tapered, making it comfortable to wear.
Of course, it is recommended for outdoor use, but its stress-free comfort is also recommended for everyday use such as town use.

DuPont's Sorona® is used for the nylon touch material that suppresses shine.
This plant-derived and environmentally friendly material is water-repellent and stretchy, so you can wear it all season long.


Color: White/Grey/Brown/Black

Size: 1/2/3

¥5,500 (TAX IN)

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Thick 300g, 10oz heavy weight fabric is used.
Tightly packed cotton sheeting cotton with a moderately thick and tough finish.
It has excellent breathability, moisture absorption, and durability, so you can use it for a long time.

The boxy silhouette allows for room in the width of the body, and the length is adjusted so that it is not too long.

By intentionally showing the stitching of the woven label, it is a piece that gives you a sense of playfulness even though it is a plain TEE.


Color: Black

Size: 25.5/26/26.5/27/27.5

¥5,500 (TAX IN)

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Comfort sandals with a simple silhouette.
The thick sole gives a mode-like impression.
A pair that can be used in a variety of situations, such as town use, resort scenes, and recovery after sports.
The point is that the EVA material is easy to clean.
It is lightweight and has good cushioning, so it reduces the burden on your feet and is extremely comfortable to wear.

These are the recommended training products.

If you are interested, please check it out from the image below.