#1 Fall/Winter 22 Climbing Pants


This is Tsuzaki, meltum director.
Until now, I often explained about the products on Instagram, but since I only have an online store, I thought it would be difficult to convey the quality of the products, so I decided to start a blog.

I don't like to appear in front of people, so I'm not particularly an influencer, and I think there are many people who feel like "Who are you after all?"

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1995, 27 years old, raised in Osaka/Kyoto.

He was a healthy boy who played baseball from the 3rd year of elementary school to the 3rd year of high school.
Influenced by her older sister, who went into the apparel industry, she began to take an interest in clothes when she was in her third year of high school.
My older sister was a staff member of Comme des Jarsons, the emperor of mode fashion, and I was completely absorbed in mode style.
While working part-time at an apparel store in Kyoto for about a year, I got a job at the Under 0 bar, which I liked from that time.
After working at Under*bar for about four and a half years, I moved to Baren*aga, a foreign company, to improve my career.
After working as a salesperson for a total of 9 years, I decided to change jobs, thinking that I could make better products at lower prices.
Then, there was a connection with the current company, and I was assigned to the EC business department and decided to build an apparel brand from scratch.
Currently, I am making use of my experience and knowledge to create clothes, PR and MD.

My story is around here, meltum 22aw started the other day.
This season's theme is "MILITARY MIX"

In recent years, the price of the vintage market has soared, and the items that have been dropped into the modern version will be the center.

First of all, we released “WP Climbing Tech Pants”.

The silhouette has a slightly deep rise, making it comfortable to wear.
It is moderately tapered and makes your silhouette look beautiful.

Of course, it is recommended for outdoor use, but its stress-free comfort is also recommended for everyday use such as town use.


(size Free / 175cm)


Choose a refreshing blue striped loose shirt for NAVY.

Close only the top two buttons and then rough.

Wear Converse on your feet for a comfortable and casual style.

Loose striped shirt ¥6,500-

Heavyweight crew neck short sleeve T-shirt ¥2,800-

WP Climbing Tech Pants ¥7,200-


For GRAY, choose a shaggy knit cardigan (brown) that continues to be 22aw.

The feet are simple with black Air Force1.


Shaggy Knit Cardigan ¥7,800-

Heavyweight crew neck short sleeve T-shirt ¥2,800-

WP Climbing Tech Pants ¥7,200-

Please see the actual wearing feeling in the video ↓↓

And what you should pay attention to is the material used.

Sorona®, a plant-derived material developed by DuPont in the United States and certified by various institutions, is a sustainable and highly functional material.
In addition to its high elasticity, it is also comfortable to wear for long periods of time and is resistant to heat and UV rays.

Furthermore, since it is a waterproof fabric, it is also treated to be water repellent.

Environmentally friendly, comfortable to wear, resistant to heat and UV rays, and even repelling water are too over-the-top. .

WP Climbing Tech Pants
color: GRAY / NAVY
size : Free
price : ¥7,200-(tax included)

Currently, BAG is popular and many people recognize it as a BAG brand, but since it is mainly clothes, I would like to make good products and deliver them to everyone from this season.

Our motto is "high quality and reasonable price", so we would like to offer high quality products that are comparable to other brands at the lowest possible cost.

This is my first blog and it's been a little long, but I'm planning to post more details in future blogs as new works come out, so please read them while you're commuting to work or school.
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Well then.